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When you get a boat insurance quote from Shnyder Insurance Solutions, you’re actually getting several quotes. That’s because we work with a multitude of boat insurance companies, including some of the best, like Progressive, Allstate, and Nationwide. We make the insurance companies compete for your business, so you’re able to get lower rates and great coverage. Contact us or get insurance quotes to get started now.

Boat Insurance Coverage

  • Watercraft Liability Covers bodily injury or property damage you cause to another with your boat.
  • Comprehensive Covers physical damage to your boat caused by something other than a collision.
  • Collision Covers physical damage to your boat caused by a collision with another boat or object.
  • Medical Payments Covers medical expenses for you or guests that are injured in a boating accident.
  • Uninsured / Underinsured Covers bodily injury you sustain in an accident with a boater that has too little or no insurance.
  • Wreck Removal Covers the cost of extracting your sunken boat, when required by law.
  • On-water Towing Covers the cost of towing your boat back to shore, if it becomes disabled on the water.
  • And more There are many optional coverages that may be a good fit for you.

Watercraft Covered

Bass Boats & Fishing Boats
Jetskis & Waverunners
Jet Boats
And more

Why Shnyder Insurance?

  • We do the rate shopping and comparing for you
  • You’ll get an experienced, local agent on your side
  • You can keep all your insurance together with 1 agency

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Rest Insured with Shnyder Insurance Solutions


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