Life Insurance


Life Insurance – Made Easy

When you get a life insurance quote from Shnyder Insurance Solutions, you’re actually getting over a dozen quotes. That’s because we work with a multitude of life insurance companies, including some of the best, like AAA, EMC, and Banner. We make the insurance companies compete for your business, so you’re able to get lower rates and great coverage. Contact us or get insurance quotes to get started now.

Life Insurance Coverage

  • Term Life Low cost coverage that lasts for a specified period of time, like 10, 20, or 30 years.
  • Universal Life Flexible coverage that can be designed with features of term and whole life.
  • Whole Life Coverage that typically lasts until death or policy maturity at age 100. Includes a cash value that earns interest.
  • Return of Premium Term Life Term coverage that returns the sum of premiums paid to the policy owner at expiration.
  • Instant Issue Term Life Term coverage that can be issued with no medical exams.
  • And more There are many optional coverages that may be a good fit for you.

Companies Offered

AAA Life
Grange Life
Cincinnati Life
Illinois Mutual
Banner Life
And more

Why Shnyder Insurance?

  • We do the rate shopping and comparing for you
  • You’ll get an experienced, local agent on your side
  • You can keep all your insurance together with 1 agency

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Rest Insured with Shnyder Insurance Solutions


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